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Cypress Consulting Group, Ltd. can help you in these main areas.

Information Technologyoperations management

Information is one of the most important products of your business. Your customers, their preferences, your products, how often and when you sell them, how you make them or where you buy them, your people and what they do all define your business. The Cypress Consulting Group is experienced in helping you use your information to your benefit.

Facility Management

Your physical office reflects how your customers, service suppliers and employees see you. Balancing a positive, businesslike image with the function of the business is critical to creating an efficient and effective work environment. Whether your requirements are new offices, reworking existing offices, or revitalizing your current space, Cypress Consulting Group, Ltd. can take you through the decision process.

Operations Management

What you do and how you do it is your business. Proper operational systems help you measure how well you are doing it. Our experience in financial administration, financial system design/upgrade, and results summarization can direct your company to seek the maximization of its goals and its resources.