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Cypress Consulting Group, Ltd. helps small business by providing the expertise in the technical and operational areas of business.

Operations Management Supportoperations management support

Our experience in financial administration, system design/upgrade, and results summarization can direct your company to seek the maximization of its goals.

Key Benefits

  • Based on your business and your culture, we can find the system that supplies you with the information you need when you need it.
  • Our progressive management style helps your staff to want to learn more and perform more efficiently. Everyone wants to do the best job they can if they feel their work is appreciated.
  • Our experience in solving problems has taught us how to look to the future to see what is needed to support your growth.


Financial Systems Design

We have many years of experience in developing and implementing accounting and other financial systems. We can design entirely new systems or improve on what you have by recommending upgrades. Our over 20 years of experience can help you.

Operational/Financial Systems Interface Design

Your financial systems work for the financial people and your operating systems work for the operations people, but wouldn't it be nice to have both systems complement each other? We can work with your existing systems and recommend ways to integrate them giving you a "win-win" for both groups!

Financial Operations Review

Not sure of what you really have? Wondering if there is something better? Our experience in the business world in working with everything from Fortune 100 companies to very small entrepreneur companies is the key to finding out. We can assist you in getting a handle on the most basic problems to the most complex, and even confirm if you are ahead of most of the rest.

Financial Operations Supervision

You have the expertise in your field to make your business successful. Your loyal financial staff is doing their best, but you get need a little more. Let us use our experience to supervise your financial operation freeing you to tend to your core business with the information you need on a timely basis.