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Cypress Consulting Group, Ltd. helps small business by providing the expertise in the technical and operational areas of business.

Information Technology Supportinformation technology support

Information is one of the most important products of your business. Your customers, their preferences, your products, how often and when you sell them, how you make them or where you buy them, your people and what they do all define your business. The Cypress Consulting Group is experienced in helping you use your information to your benefit.

Key Benefits

  • Experience in the development of technology from the business point of view, not just the technology point of view.
  • Experience in both the hardware side and the software side of information technology.
  • Experience in implementing solutions in many different industries bringing a possibly fresh perspective to solving a problem in your business.


LAN/WAN Design and Management

We have many years of experience in developing and implementing communications solutions. May you have a Novell network, a Windows network, a Unix network, or no network at all, we have the experience to design and implement a network solution that will help your business.

Computer Operations and System Administration

Having problems with your computers and don't know who to turn to? You know you need a backup plan, but don't know how to develop it? Have you "lost" documents on your computers because you can't remember where you put them? Let us help you organize your office. We have run many different computer centers, large and small and can help you run yours, even if it is two computers sitting on desks.

Computer Systems design and Programming

Do you have a computer system that is old and needs to be replaced? Do you need help designing a new system or picking out a package solution that will fit your business? With over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing solutions on time and on budget, we can help you define what you need and how to get it.