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Facility/Real Estate Project Managementfacility management

Congratulations! You're growing so fast it's time for new office space. Or you need to better utilize the office space you have. Where do you start? Our Facility/Real Estate Project Management services can walk you through the process eliminating the need for you or an employee to take on extra responsibilities. We can aid you with:

Needs Analysis

You know your current office is just not working. We can help you realize why. Do you really need new or more space? Or will reutilizing your current office space work? These are common issues we can assist you to analyze.

Site Selection

Property leases are a big commitment. You want to feel the best solution has been found. We can assist in finding the best office space solution and review any property leases with you.

Defining How the Office Looks and Functions

We actually spend more week day time at the office than any place else. Your office should reflect the company and be functional for staff members and clients alike. We can help you get form and function.

Office Build out-Planning for today and the future

Second to property leases, an office build out is also a big commitment. We can assure you are planning for your current requirements with an eye to the future.

Furniture placement and selection

We can assist you with furniture floor plan and the acquisition of any new furniture.

Relocation Process

So you're ready to move. We can coordinate and manage the process for you. This allows your team to continue to focus on business.